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Professor Edward Moskal's Computer Science Classes

Montclair State University

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Professor Moskal Educational Background

Welcome to Professor Moskal's web site. I hope you will use this site to learn more about your class, my expectations, and computers and business in the world around you.

CMPT109 (Introduction to Computer Applications): Course Objective: Introduce the student to the computer applications environment, computer concepts, encouraging discussion of this very environment in modern society. Students will have hands-on experience with a computer and learn how to effectively use word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, database, and Web authoring software.

Course Links

Introduction to Computers

Computer Tutorials

Web Development Guide

Imaging Software

Web Graphics Software

Programming Languages and Resources

C++ Programming

Microsoft Inc.

Database Vendors

Financial/Accounting Software

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

Hardware Vendors

Software Vendors

Telecommunications Vendors

Cable Vendors

Government Computer Security Standards

Internet Security

Disaster Recovery

Anti-Virus Software

Computer Research and Consulting Company

Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc.

Software Development and Scripting

Disaster Recovery Journal

Computer Magazines

Computer Search Engine

International Consulting & Accounting Firm


New York Times

Wall Street Journal

Business Week



Job Search Database

Class Policies

Students are expected to attend class and are responsible for all that is covered, whether they are present or not. Absence from an exam may result in a grade of zero (and failure of the course). Absence from more than five classes will result in a Failure. See your course syllabus for Class Policy.


Homework will be 5 points. Due at the beginning of the next class after it was assigned.

Two Exams (Mid-term and Final) will be 20 points each.

Lab Assignments will be 20 points.

Final Project will be 35 points. Due on or before the second to last week of the semester.

All homework, exams, lab assignments, and final projects will be graded and counted in computing the final grade.

No extra credit assignments or make-up exams will be given.


Office Hours For Academic Year 2005/2006 - Richardson Hall Room 322 - x4093

Mon: By Appointment

Thu: 7:00PM - 8:15PM

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