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Professor Edward Moskal's Computer Science Classes

Saint Peter's College

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Welcome to Professor Moskal's web site. I hope you will use this site to learn more about your class, my expectations, and computers in the world around you.

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Educational Background

Computer Classes

  • Introduction to Computers and Information Systems: Fundamental principles of computer systems including hardware, software, networks, the Internet, file management, virus protection and security. Emphasis will be on the theoretical aspects of computers and information systems. Students will have hands-on use of computers to support concepts and to learn the Microsoft XP operating system, and word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and database software applications. A final project is required in which the student will conduct research on the Internet, evaluate data from information obtained from the Internet, create a database system, and prepare a report and presentation from information in the database. There is no prerequisite for this course.

  • Computer Based Information Systems: Information systems development, planning and control; utilization of computer resources; telecommunications; database concepts; the automated office; end user programs. Extensive use of case studies.

  • Fundamentals of Programming: Introduction to programming concepts. Computer functions: input, memory, arithmetic control, logic, output. Students will learn the basics of C++ programming. Prerequisite or Corequisite: Ma021 or Ma105 or Ma123 or Ma143.

  • PC Tools for Managers: A hands-on survey of various software packages to aid a manager in his/her decision making functions. Packages include project management/scheduling, spreadsheet, database, presentation graphics/multimedia, and desktop publishing.

  • Database Concepts: An introductory course. Students will understand the concepts and issues involved in Database Management and be able to create Database applications using Microsoft Access.

  • Introduction to C++: Students will learn problem solving techniques useful in computer programs, convert problems into solutions, and write solutions as programs in C++.

  • Computer Graphics: Use of web development and graphics packages; web aesthetics, information architecture, construction of web-based graphics pages; web file formats; general graphics techniques. Prerequisite: Cs230 or Cs231.

  • Web Page Development: Students will learn how to develop web pages using web development software and HTML.

  • Web Page Development Using HTML and Javascript: This course offers students a background to the World Wide Web, then takes them step-by-step through each of the stages of web site development using HTML and JavaScript. Prerequisite: Dp251 or a programming course.

  • Developing Internet Applications: A hands-on survey of various web based software and tools to aid in developing web pages and applications. HTML and Javascript will be used to create commercial quality web pages. Topics include basic language syntax, navigational buttons and controls, forms, image maps, animated gifs, etc. Prerequisites: Cs100, Cs150, Cs230, Cs231 or Dp180.

  • Total Business Information Systems: In-depth analysis of business applications. Basic and advanced applications with special emphasis on Management Information Systems (MIS). Prerequisite: Cs230, Cs231, or Dp320.

  • Report Generating Software For Managers: A review of existing software for microcomputers. Students will be required to create and generate reports using spreadsheets, wordprocessing, and file management techniques. Prerequisites: Cs100, Cs150, Dp180, Cs230 or Cs231.

  • Report Generating Software for Accountants: An in-depth look at a spreadsheet package, with emphasis on accounting applications. Students will be required to create and generate reports using spreadsheets, wordprocessing packages, graphics, and software for other accounting applications. Prerequisites: Cs100, Cs150, Dp180, Cs230 or Cs231 and Ac151.

  • Principles of EDP Auditing: EDP auditing examined from the point of view of data processing and management. Audit programs will be developed for computer systems. Prerequisites: Ac151; Dp320 or permission of instructor.

    Course Links

    Introduction to Computers

    Computer Tutorials

    Web Development Guide

    Imaging Software

    Web Graphics Software

    Programming Languages and Resources

    C++ Programming

    Microsoft Inc.

    Database Vendors

    Financial/Accounting Software

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software

    Hardware Vendors

    Software Vendors

    Telecommunications Vendors

    Government Computer Security Standards

    Disaster Recovery

    Anti-Virus Software

    Computer Research and Consulting Company

    Technology Evaluation Centers, Inc.

    Application Implementation Consultants

    Disaster Recovery Journal

    Computer Magazines

    Computer Search Engine

    International Consulting & Accounting Firm

    Saint Peter's College Library Databases

    Saint Peter's College Blackboard

    Job Search Database

    Class Policies

    Students are expected to attend class and are responsible for all that is covered, whether they are present or not. Absence from an exam may result in a grade of zero (and failure of the course). Absence from more than four classes may result in a FA. See your course syllabus for your particular Class Policy.


    Homework will be 10 points. Due at the beginning of the next class after it was assigned.

    Two Exams (Mid-term and Final) will be 25 - 30 points each depending on class.

    Lab Assignments will be 15 - 30 points depending on class.

    Final Project will be 15 - 20 points depending on class. Due on or before the second to last week of the semester.

    All homework, exams, lab assignments, and final projects will be graded and counted in computing the final grade.

    No extra credit assignments or make-up exams will be given.


    Office Hours For Academic Year 2004/2005 - Loyola Hall - 121 Glenwood Avenue - (201) 915-9372

    Mon: 8:00 - 9:00 and 10:00 - 11:00

    Tue: 8:00 - 9:00 and 11:00 - 12:30

    Thu: 8:00 - 9:00 and 10:00 - 11:00

    Fri: 8:00 - 9:00 and 11:00 - 12:30

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